• Rory Stewart is transitioning from GiveDirectly’s President to Senior Advisor, a role focused on government projects, major programs, and growth.
  • Samuel Mwamburi Mwale will be the Interim President. We are proud to bring in such an exceptional Kenyan leader.  
  • Rory Stewart has agreed with the board to serve in a more focused role, given new limitations on his time and capacity.

Rory Stewart is transitioning from President to Senior Advisor 

Rory Stewart has served as GiveDirectly’s President since August 2022. Under his leadership, GiveDirectly delivered more cash to people living in extreme poverty than any year prior, expanded our climate change response, and secured formal collaborations with multiple African governments. 

Rory is transitioning to a more focused position as senior advisor, advising our government collaborations and representing our work at official engagements. Rory and the GiveDirectly board discussed this change over the past month, as he faced new capacity constraints on time and travel. His recent move from Jordan to London with his young family along with his other professional commitments have made traveling to oversee GiveDirectly’s operations across a dozen countries unsustainable. 

We’re fortunate to continue having Rory as a key ambassador for our work, and a supporter for our initiatives world-wide, drawing on his decades of experience in the world of international development. 

Samuel Mwamburi Mwale will serve as GiveDirectly’s Interim President

Samuel Mwamburi Mwale will serve as GiveDirectly’s Interim President. He has served on GiveDirectly’s Kenya Board for over nine years and is well-versed in our operations, splitting time between New York and Nairobi. Previously, he served as a high-ranking economic advisor in the Kenyan government, is a trained economist, and brings private sector executive experience. We’re proud to bring in such an exceptional Kenyan leader.

Samuel will further develop GiveDirectly’s partnerships with donors and governments, strengthening our capacity to deliver on our mission across the dozen countries we operate in. Before Rory transitions to his new role, he and Samuel will work closely together to ensure a smooth transition is complete by the end of next month. 

With both Samuel and Rory in leadership positions, GiveDirectly will be well positioned to expand our efforts delivering unconditional cash transfers to as many people in poverty as possible. Our strategy and mission remain unchanged, and we’re excited as we begin an executive search process to bring on a new President. 

“I am deeply honored to serve as interim president of GiveDirectly, an exceptional organization that has been very close to my heart from the first instance I was introduced to it nearly ten years ago. A decade later, the simplicity and efficiency of what we do, which is to give directly to the recipient, trusting them to use the gift they choose, the changed lives resulting, and the excellence of the team we have continues to inspire me. Together, Rory and I are committed to a seamless transition and I look forward to our continued partnership in his role as Senior Advisor and a global ambassador for GiveDirectly.”

Samuel Mwamburi Mwale

“I have loved every minute serving as president of GiveDirectly and continue to be moved and encouraged by the astonishing difference that our donors and amazing team make in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world. However it has become increasingly difficult to combine this full time commitment and extensive travel with the raising of a family, along with my other professional engagements. The charity is entitled to a president who is able to focus fully on our operations in Africa and Asia, and with our supporters and staff across the globe. I feel very proud of what we have achieved over the last year, in particular in building up the strengths of our teams worldwide and developing new, closer partnerships with government. 

I will remain strongly involved in supporting this wonderful organization as Senior Advisor, focusing on our government relations, growth and some of our major projects. I’ll work closely with our Interim President Samuel Mwamburi Mwale to ensure a smooth transition and continued success for the organization.”

Rory Stewart

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