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Whether it’s for the holidays, your next birthday, or just because – you can mobilize your community to reach even more families in need.

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Support my birthday fundraiser for families in need?

For my 35th birthday, I’m raising money to send directly to people in extreme poverty to spend how they choose – like Josephine, who used part of her cash transfer to invest in a boat and start a fishing business.

I’m matching up to $350 in donations here: Tom’s Birthday Fundraiser


Empower more people in need

I doubt I would have been able to pursue my career in tailoring if it hadn’t been for GiveDirectly. Receiving cash has given me a lot of choices and opportunities to invest money in a business, save, pay school fees for my kids, and boost family food security.

Leocadie Rwanda

[Due to violence in Yemen] we lost all of what we had and became homeless. I sold fruits & vegetables door-to-door, but it caused pain and my doctor asked me to stop. When I received cash aid, I rented a small grocery near my house instead of walking the neighborhood – now I earn enough to feed my family.

Omar Yemen

During my pregnancy, I would walk long distances to sell tomatoes [for $1/day]. Receiving money meant that I would stop walking long distances. When I received my first transfer, I bought a few clothes for myself and my 4-year-old, and I bought a goat which I am hoping will be able to turn into a stable business in the future.

Livester Malawi