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Cash Evidence Explorer

Updated April 28, 2023

GiveDirectly’s Cash Evidence Explorer allows you to easily peruse 300+ studies on cash transfers.

Researchers have studied the effects of cash transfers in hundreds of studies done all over the world. We wanted to make it easier for people to access that research and find what they’re looking for across outcome, analysis method, country, recipient characteristics, and other dimensions.

The research in this database includes peer-reviewed papers, working papers, and program reports. They cover countries all over the world and investigate a wide range of outcomes, as well as various payment structures, including UBI, conditional and unconditional cash transfers, and vouchers, among others.

Our team collates research papers from various sources, including the Overseas Development Institute’s 2016 review of the literature on cash.

Are we missing something?

The cash explorer is a living project, with new research added as it is published. If you know of a peer-reviewed article, working paper, program report, or white paper about cash transfers that we don’t currently have in the database, please click the button below to tell us about it.

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