Picture of woman in blue with words "The Year in Cash part 2"

The second milestone for cash in 2016 (see here for Part 1) was GiveDirectly’s launch of the first long-term Universal Basic Income evaluation in history.

Over the last twelve months, cash transfers have moved toward center stage in international policy circles under a new name, Universal Basic Income (UBI). While there has been much debate, one fact remains: a universal, long-term cash transfer, sufficient to meet basic needs, has never been fully tried.

We’re changing that with a UBI evaluation in East Africa where nearly 27K individuals will receive some type of cash transfer, some for up to twelve years. In just 8 months since launch, this project has grown into one of the largest crowdfunded social science experiments ever. We’ve raised $23 million already, but to get everything we can out of this study, we need $30 million.

Please consider supporting this groundbreaking study and helping us close the $7 million funding gap by supporting a person’s basic income today.

Stay tuned for the first round of results in mid-2017, and thank you once again for your support for families in need.

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