GiveWell has just recognized GiveDirectly as one of their top rated charities for the fifth year running. We’re proud to have been recognized as the “strongest” on every dimension of organizational performance, and are excited to see GiveWell adopting cash transfers as a benchmark for their evaluations.

But perhaps most importantly, GiveWell has recognized our sustained effort to build operational capacity over the past 12 months. GiveWell notes that GiveDirectly has the highest room for more funding of any of their top charities, and that we are “very likely to be constrained by funding next year.”

We certainly hope that’s not the case. We know that we’re still just a drop in the bucket of the $130B aid industry, but if we want that sector to shift towards cash, we need to build the capability to deliver capital at scale.

We’ve now built the capacity to move more than $100M in 2017, but with that investment in scale comes the need for more fundraising to keep this movement going forward. Please consider giving what you can to close the funding gap—every dollar you give to the poor via GiveDirectly is another vote in support of a more effective, efficient, and transparent form of aid.

And on behalf of the recipients who benefit from your generosity: Thank You.

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