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Send a basic income directly to people in extreme poverty

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As part of our “Envisioning Canada’s Future: The Basic Income Revolution” event, Intelliware is raising funds for GiveDirectly, a global nonprofit that lets you give money directly to people living in extreme poverty with no strings attached.

GiveDirectly has delivered over USD $700 million in cash transfers to 1.5 million people in poverty since 2009. The Guardian says they are “sending shockwaves through the charity sector” and Fast Company ranked them in the world’s top 5 most innovative organizations in finance. In 2020, they became the fastest-growing nonprofit in the world.

In Kenya, they are running the world’s largest and longest universal basic income program, reaching 20,000 people in poverty for up to 12 years. They are also running other basic income programs in the poorest parts of Malawi and Liberia. Every eligible adult in a target region receives a monthly cash transfer specifically sized to lift them above the local extreme poverty line.

For people living on a dollar or two per day, receiving cash can be life-changing. It enables families to cover their needs and invest how they choose, instead of aid organizations deciding for them. Hundreds of independent studies show that cash transfers can help drive a range of positive impacts through increased earnings, access to education, health improvements, and much more.

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