This week our team spoke to Lydia, Mary, and Cristina about their daily lives and how they plan to spend their cash transfers. We also took pictures of our recipients with their families and around their homes.


Lydia, 23, lives with her husband Peter and three children. She is a farmer.
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Lydia: I am planning to use the money to drill a borehole to help curb the water scarcity issue and maybe to buy some livestock.
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I want to buy some cows to aid in farming so that I may have good harvest — more so during rainy seasons.



Mary, age 43, lives with her husband James, and three children. They own a small business.

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Mary: We are planning to take our son to school because last term he missed his exam. We would also like to plaster our house to prevent diseases that are dust-born.

My current goal is to have a family that is food secure.


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Cristina, a widow, lives with three children, ages 5, 6, and 12.
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Cristina: I would like to use part of the money to replace my iron roof since it is leaking too much. And I would like to expand my house in order to accommodate my in-laws when they come visiting. Finally, I would wish to pay school fees for my daughter who is in college.
My happiest part of the day is the morning when l have something to eat with my family.
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