Recipient Charles, a 72-year-old farmer, recently spoke to our team about his challenges and hopes for the future (added explanation in italics).

On hardship: Looking back, I feel the biggest challenge was that my wife and I only had one child, a daughter. So at times I think that if God blessed us with more children in the past they would be helping us in our old age now.

On daily challenges: My current challenge is that I am aging very fast so I do not have the strength to go in search of a job so that I make a living for my wife and I.

On using this transfer: I would like to build a new house because this one was built way back in 1994, it is old and leaks a lot whenever it rains. I would also want to buy a dairy cow so that it produces milk for my family and I can also sell the surplus milk remaining to get money.

A meaningful proportion of our recipients spend their transfers on housing improvements. Read about some of the benefits of iron roofs – as told to us by recipients.

On the future: I dream of building a new house and furnishing it well. That way, my wife and I move into it so that we live comfortably for the few years left on earth here.

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