Recipient Charles, a 42-year-old farmer, recently spoke to our backcheck team about his greatest hardships, greatest accomplishments, and hopes for the future (added explanation in italics).

Charles was one of 16 recipients selected for in-depth followup this week. We selected his story to share because the translation was relatively clear (something we’re working at getting better at) and informative.

Charles’ house was destroyed when a tree fell on it. As a result, he has been sleeping in his mother’s kitchen.

On hardship: I would say the sickness I have [is my greatest hardship], because when I cough my chest becomes very painful…I keep on praying that one day I’ll get treated and be happy.

Charles became very sick with asthma after his house was destroyed.

On how he plans to spend his transfer: First I would like to build a house since I don’t have one, I have been sleeping in my mother’s house, secondly I will seek medication for my asthum [sic] since am really suffering.

On his greatest achievement: I would say taking care of my child, after my wife passed way, and seeing him go to school despite the hard times we are going through.

On the best part of his day: Being able to provide for my mother and child, and seeing that they are healthy.

On his goals: I would like to build a house for my self and see that my son goes to school, and manages to get a good job after school.

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