Recipient Nyadeje, a 55-year-old farmer and mother of four, recently spoke to our backcheck team about her current living situation, and what she hopes to accomplish with the transfer (added explanation in italics).

On hardship: My biggest hardship has been to raise money to make a better house since I lost my spouse. The house was already in a bad condition at the time of his death but we had spent much on medication then funeral arrangements so could not be renovated nor built.

Medical expenses can make up a large proportion of a family’s budget, especially for families with elderly relatives living with them.

On getting through the day: My daily difficulty has been to live in a house with most of its walls broken down and only covered with old polythene, has a worn out roofing, and no door. I live in fear of pneumonia in cold weathers like now, and attack by wild animals or thieves.

Many families in Kenya live in severely sub-standard housing that puts them at risk of illness, fire, theft, etc.

On using this transfer: I plan to make a new house since the one am in now is almost half broken hence hazardous. I also plan to spend some towards reviving my vegetables business for sustenance.

On the future: I aspire to make a good shelter that will adequately protect me from all odds, and to revive my business to source some income for sustainability after receiving all the transfers.

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