What a response! In the last three weeks, media across the globe has covered our plans to run a basic income trial. The Telegraph wrote that basic income will, “for the first time… be put to a rigorous test” and Vox called our trial “truly historic.” The pilot has also been covered by FiveThirtyEight, The Verge, The Independent, NPR’s Weekend Edition, and more.

So we’d like to update you on our fundraising progress. As of the writing of this post we’ve received $2.3 million from 764 individual donations, and with GiveDirectly’s match (we’re matching recurring donations projected out to the full length of the pilot, currently estimated at around 12 years), we have raised $6.9 million toward our goal of $30 million. But we still need your help.

First, our match is ongoing, so if you donate today you can have your donation doubled by GiveDirectly.

Second, we’ve also made it even easier to set up your own personal giving campaign. Whether that’s asking friends to contribute as a gift for your birthday or anniversary, or if you’d just like to help those in need and advance research, organize your friends to fund the very first basic income trial. Fill out this simple online form and within 24 hours we will email you with a personal page. Then send it to family and friends and ask them to help as well.

This groundbreaking trial matters. Governments around the world are debating the merits of a basic income and our trial could provide key lessons to inform this debate, potentially impacting how trillions of social safety net dollars are spent.

Together we can be part of the first full basic income trial in history: delivering help with dignity to those in need. At worst, our gifts will help thousands lift themselves out of poverty. At best, we could unlock the solution to ending extreme poverty.

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