It’s official – poor families in Kenya and Uganda are getting the full $5M match from Good Ventures.
In just eight weeks, thousands of people have given $5,019,543 directly to the poor. What this community has done is just remarkable:

  • 4,000+: individual donors
  • 32: countries represented
  • $1: smallest donation
  • $100,000: largest donation
  • 3.4: bitcoins donated
  • 11,478: shares of stock donated
  • 30: companies providing matching gifts
  • 430: Googlers who participated in a record-breaking employee giving drive
  • 1: bake sale (that we know of)

I’m proud to offer a service that so many people trust to create real impact for their dollar. The fact that demand for it is so strong means real change is happening in our sector. This comment from a recent donor online captures the shift well: “I’m giving because of GiveWell’s recommendation. This form of charity feels weird to me, but I’m not going to let that stop me. I’ll be very interested to learn more about what impact this form of giving has on the recipients.”

We look forward to sharing more on the impact of this money over the coming year – our teams in Kenya and Uganda will start enrolling recipients in the next few weeks.

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