Ways of charitable giving

Corporate Partnerships

Brand partnership campaigns are a great opportunity for your company and customers to make an impact for people in poverty and help grow the cash movement.

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We’re excited to work with partners who share our values— if that sounds like you, please fill out the form below so we can get in touch. Questions?

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Common questions about partnering with GiveDirectly

+Do I need to contact GiveDirectly/establish a contract before launching a corporate partnership campaign?

Yes. GiveDirectly is legally required to have a contract in place as a charitable entity that has a legal address in New York state and is incorporated in the state of Massachusetts.

+How can I transfer the funds raised through the campaign to GiveDirectly?

All funds must be either wired to GiveDirectly or sent via a check. Online donations are not allowable as a method to submit payment.

+Can my company or the consumers purchasing what we are selling/providing get a tax deduction or receipt?

No. Since the consumer received a good or service in exchange for their payment, we are not able to issue them a donation receipt.

+Does my company/organization have to commit to a certain donation amount upfront?

Yes, all campaigns need to be clear to the consumer exactly what the promotion is and what will be received by the charity. See here for guidance.

+Will you endorse our product or promote the campaign on your social media sites?

No. Unfortunately charity rules do not allow us to do this and if we do, we could be held accountable to pay taxes on any funds raised. We appreciate your support but cannot endorse or promote the campaign on our own channels.

+What if I just do a promotion on my own and don’t notify GiveDirectly?

Our logo and name and variations are trademarked in the US, UK, Europe and every county we operate in and others we are considering. Any use of the logo would be considered an infringement of our trademark and subject to legal action.