Deliver cash to people in India living in poverty

Deliver cash to people in India living in poverty

Let’s launch GiveDirectly’s work in India

Created by:
Vivek Kuncham

The World Bank estimates that over 136M people in India are living on less than $2.15/day, unable to afford their basic needs or make critical investments to improve their lives.

Join me in donating to GiveDirectly to deliver money – with no strings attached – to Indian families living in poverty. GiveDirectly will partner with a local Indian nonprofit to provide cash to those in greatest need.

If you’d like to give through a different payment method (stock, check, crypto, DAF, wire, etc.) or have any other questions, you can reach GiveDirectly’s team at

More on GiveDirectly: In the last decade, they have delivered over $550M into the hands of 1.3M+ people across 12 countries, and have been endorsed by Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, GiveWell, The Life You Can Save, and others.

Hundreds of independent studies show that cash transfers can help drive a range of positive impacts through increased earnings, access to education, health improvements, and much more.

If GiveDirectly is unable to allocate donations to India for unforeseen reasons, this funding will reach other people living in extreme poverty, with a preference for the South Asian region.