Daily Stoic Holiday Fundraiser

Daily Stoic Holiday Fundraiser

What if we just gave money to people in poverty?

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Daily Stoic

Families in need are the experts on their own lives, and their own needs – what they’re missing is money.

That’s why we’re raising money for GiveDirectly, a nonprofit that will deliver our donations as cash to people living in extreme poverty around the world to spend however they choose. Thanks to a generous match donor, all donations made through December 31st will be doubled until we reach our $25,000 goal.

Giving cash recognizes that within a community, every person has different needs and aspirations – from starting a business, to paying for surgery, to buying a secondhand motorbike for transportation, to paying rent, and much more.

And simply giving people money works – hundreds of independent studies show that cash transfers can help drive a range of positive impacts through increased earnings, access to education, health improvements, and more.

People living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to overcome obstacles and improve their lives. Isn’t that what you’d want?

Stay tuned for stories of our impact on our social media in 2023.