David Pakman Show’s Winter Fundraiser

David Pakman Show’s Winter Fundraiser

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David Pakman Show

Giving ANY amount is life-changing to someone living on $1-2/day

Hey guys, David here!

We’ve been partnering with GiveDirectly for a while now, because I’m a big believer in CASH as a means to pull people out of poverty. GiveDirectly lets you give money directly to people living in extreme poverty, with no strings attached.

I first discovered GiveDirectly in a book called “80,000 Hours”, about how to make the biggest impact through giving. Hundreds of independent studies show that cash transfers can help drive a range of positive impacts through increased earnings, access to education, health improvements, and more – the list goes on.

Giving cash allows people to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives. Please help The David Pakman Show reach our $15,000 goal!