Technology is at the heart of what we do. We’ve built a secure, scalable and efficient platform that we’ll use to deliver cash transfers to thousands of poor households this year, and now we’re planning the next generation technology that will let us scale this platform up to serve millions of the world’s poor across multiple countries.

We’re looking for an exceptionally talented individual to join our leadership team and spearhead this effort. If that sounds interesting, read on:

Chief Technology Officer: You are an exceptional leader who will (i) help craft our technology strategy, including development of real-time monitoring platform, mobile apps, remote sensing systems, and integration with payment providers, and (ii) manage a small team in executing this strategy, assisting in execution where needed. Given GiveDirectly’s rapid growth, your role will be fast-evolving and offer substantial opportunity to assume a diverse range of responsibilities. Ultimately, your task will be to develop the most sophisticated and transparent anti-corruption platform for distributing cash transfers. You have a distinctive track record of defining a technology strategy (i.e., anticipating and articulating an organization’s needs) and managing a team of engineers in a fast-paced environment to achieve it. You also have a top tier academic background and share our passion for the values and mission of GiveDirectly. If you fit this bill, we hope to hear from you at jobs[at] with a CV and <200 word cover note.

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