Is GiveDirectly a scam?

No, GiveDirectly is an international charitable & non-profit organization. Over the last ten years, GiveDirectly has delivered over 150 million dollars to recipients around the world. GiveDirectly has received top ratings from Charity Navigator, GiveWell, and Charity Watch is our only website. Our official social media profiles are linked below:

If you see any other website or pages claiming to be GiveDirectly, please:

  • Report them by hitting the “Report” button on social media
  • Send a link to the profile to immediately. You can also reach out to one of our in-country hotlines: [click here].

How do I know if I’m being scammed?

GiveDirectly employees and partner organizations will never

  • reach out by email, text message, social media message, over the phone, or via physical mail to ask for your banking, mobile money, or financial information
  • ask beneficiaries of our program to return funds they received from us, or ask for funds in exchange for registration with one of our programs
  • issue job offers over text, social media, or via physical mail. All legitimate job opportunities can be found at 
  • ask for money in exchange for a job interview or other job opportunities
  • threaten you in any way

If you are not sure whether a message you received from GiveDirectly is real, please reach out to us at We will help determine if the message is valid.

What known scams are there?

How do I report a scam? 

  • Email
    • Please attach screenshots or additional details you have, such as the email address, social media handle, or phone number you were contacted by. We reply to each email and investigate all attempted fraud. 
  • Contact one of our in-country hotlines:
    • DRC: +243 815 583 244 (VODACOM) or +243 996 042 030 (Airtel)
    • Liberia: 4483
    • Yemen: 778150088 or 778150099
    • Malawi: +265 634
    • Rwanda: 2009
    • United States:
    • Uganda: +256 800 220 550
    • Kenya: +254 800 720406
    • Nigeria: 08001235345
    • Morocco: +212 701070495